We’re all meant to find joy and fascination in aspects of our lives, including the little things most people take for granted. Cork and Java is a blog where we strive to expand and enrich your experience with all your favorite beverages. We specialize in wine and coffee, but venture out into the world of spirits, beer, and more! All our content is based in video format to give you the most enjoyable and entertaining information. We’re set on ensuring your life will never be boring when you got a drink in your hand!

My name is Billy, and I’m your main host. I’m accompanied by my wife Brynne for most things wine related, and I also bring on a number of other experts for various reviews and how-tos. I started my fascination with wine late in college, while studying in a class called “Geography of Wine.” Brynne was my Fiance at the time, and we would travel to various wineries around Virginia to gather content for my class projects. Traveling to wineries is a pastime that we still enjoy today.

At a winery in central VA.

I also became a coffee snob slowly over time. With a lot of research, and friends/coworkers who were big into coffee, I accumulated enough custom coffee equipment to start a small cafe.

So with so many people coming to us for advice on wine and coffee, we decided to start Cork and Java, a place to help you grow in knowledge about wine, coffee, and all things beverage. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and this blog to start your adventure with us as we explore the wonderful worlds of your favorite beverages. It’s not just about great drinks anymore, it’s about a hobby beginning.