BEST ICED COFFEE RECIPE – Make Japanese Iced Coffee At Home [Flash Brew] BETTER Than Cold Brew

If you want the BEST ICED COFFEE RECIPE to make at home, we got you covered. If you don’t make Iced Coffee correctly, you can wind up with a very bitter cup. If you make cold brew, you might notice the coffee tasting oxidized or stale (because it is). Plus, you don’t get the intended flavor profiles the roaster was going for when you prolong the brew time as long as you need to for cold brew coffee. This technique is often called Japanese Iced Coffee or Flash Brew Coffee. Make sure to watch the video below for the best iced coffee recipe to make at home!

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Recipe For 500ml of Iced Coffee:
-30g medium-fine ground coffee
-200g Ice
-300ml Hot Water (Bring to a boil)

1. Measure and grind beans.
2. Place 200g ice in decanter or container.
3. Bring 300g water to a boil.
4. Pre-wet paper filter.
5. Add grinds and pre-wet about 60ml of water. Wait 45 seconds.
6. Slowly add 200ml of water to grinds and give a quick stir. Wait 45 seconds.
7. Add remaining 100ml of water to grinds and give a quick stir.
8. Pour in a cup over ice.

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