BEST ONLINE COFFEE – Good Brothers Review [Espresso Blend]

Finding the Best Coffee Online is hard, but it’s easy to find stale, over roasted, and poor quality coffee online (and in stores). Good Brothers Coffee roasts daily and often ship the coffee the same day. They are a micro roasting coffee company out of Holland, Michigan.

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Fluid air bed roasting:
Fluid bed air roasting Is a much cleaner roasting process. Roasting with air does not produce hydrocarbons that you find with traditional drum roasters. The results are less bitter and cleaner tasting coffee flavors. We want you to taste the flavor of the coffee beans (or seeds) and not the roaster!

Espresso Blend Roast Level:
Medium – Dark . This roast brings a lot of sweetness and character of the bean forward without over roasting the flavors out of the bean. Good Brothers likes to drop this bean at the very tips of second crack to avoid any burnt notes.

This one is a treat and has special smooth sweetness to it. It’s 7 parts South American, 1 part African, 1 part Indonesian, 1 part Central American and 100% delicious.

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