Best Cold Brew Coffee (That’s Not Homemade) – Chameleon Espresso Cold Brew Concentrate Review

If you like cold brew coffee, the best way to enjoy it is to craft it yourself. We got a video on that, but sometimes you just want convenience. If you’re not in the mood to wait 12-24 hours for a cup of cold brew, the Chameleon Espresso Cold Brew Concentrate is a great pick up! Additionally, check out our review on the LaColombe Cold Brew.

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Chameleon’s Espresso Coffee Concentrate is its newest organic, dairy-free cold brew coffee offered in a 32oz bottle. Similar to the Ready to Enjoy Espresso Coffee, the Espresso Coffee Concentrate has a bold and robust flavor profile that serves as the perfect foundation for a simple morning cup of coffee or a delicious latte or sweet treat. Just like Chameleon’s other Coffee Concentrates, the Espresso Concentrate is meant to be diluted with water, milk or nut milks. But if you like strong coffee, it’s good as-is.

Chameleon Cold-Brew Espresso Coffee Concentrate is a concentrated, dairy-free cold brew. The Espresso Concentrate has a bold, dark and robust flavor profile, similar to that of a coffee house espresso shot. It is dark and has hints of toffee and semi-sweet chocolate flavor notes.

There’s 208mg of caffeine in 6oz of this stuff!

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