Felo Coffee Company Gourmet Cold Brew Review

Felo Coffee Company is redefining the cold brew experience by producing gourmet single origin cold brew coffee that is experienced similar to that of fine wine. It’s deliciously complex and unlike anything you would find at the grocery store.

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“Coffee roasting has moved beyond simple marketing terminology of light, medium and dark roast,” said Logan Bell, Co-founder of Felo Coffee Company. “Coffee roasting companies are placing a major emphasis on bringing the best out of every coffee they roast. We’re honoring that process by brewing single origin cold brew with the same goal in mind.”

Cold brew is both the process and product of allowing ground coffee to sit in cold water over an extensive period of time. Traditional cold brews have a very “classic” coffee taste and rely on additional flavorings and sweeteners to make them drinkable. Felo Coffee Company has refined the cold brewing process. They use single origin coffees for an impeccably smooth cold brew drinking experience that parallels drinking wine and is authentic to each coffee’s origin.

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