MAKE ICE CREAM AT HOME – Frozen Irish Coffee Flavor [Hijinx Review]

Hijinx sent us some kits that allow you to make ice cream at home, with just a blender. No ice cream machine or special equipment needed. You can make whatever flavor you want by adding whatever you want to the recipe. It even can incorporate alcohol.

Check them out:

We made a Frozen Irish Coffee flavor this week:

1. HIJINX ice cream mix
2. ½ cup heavy cream
3. ¼ cup whole milk
4. ½ cup coffee/coffee concentrate (we brewed espresso)
5. 2 oz bailey’s
6. 1 oz whiskey

1. Warm the milk and heavy cream over medium heat or microwave for 30 – 60 seconds (do not boil).
2. Using a blender, combine one packet of HIJINX ice cream powder with milk, heavy cream, coffee and coffee grounds, bailey’s and whiskey. Blend for one minute or until thoroughly combined.
3. Transfer to a freezer-safe container with an airtight lid.
4. Let the mixture rest for 30 minutes on your counter.
5. Freeze for 3-6 hours.


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