The Shardor electric coffee burr grinder is the cheapest electric burr grinder I could find on Amazon. A burr grinder is the most important coffee appliance to get a quality coffee brewing experience at home. If you’re looking to upgrade from pre-ground coffee or a blade grinder for your automatic drip, pour overs, or French press, but aren’t looking to break the bank, you’re definitely going to want to check out this Shardor.

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If you’re willing to pay 2-4 times the price of the Shardor, but get a more consistent grind that can delve into espresso much better, check out our Baratza Virtuoso Review. Also, check out our review of the Bodum Bistro, which is our top choice for a budget conical burr grinder, which is a step up from the Shardor block burr.

Features of the Shardor Burr Grinder:

18 Grinding Settings: There are 18 precise grind setting for you to choose from. The ground coffee beans can be used in drip coffee, espresso (pressurized basket setups), french press or other craft coffee-style drinks.

Burr System: The block flat burr grinding system is a huge step up from a blade grinder. Although not as consistent as higher end flat or conical burr grinders, it will still give you a much fresher brew than pre-ground coffee and it won’t heat up the beans quite as bad as a blade grinder.

Cup Setting: The number control dial is from 2 to 14 cups, select the number of cups you want. For me, I prefer pre-weighing my beans and pouring in a single dose at a time.

Easy to Clean: Removable upper burr, hopper, chamber, included brush for easy clean them.

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