BuzzBallz Canned Cocktail Review [Espresso Martini and Choco Chiller]

BuzzBallz are a fun, innovative canned cocktails. Today we try the Espresso Martini and Choco Chiller flavors, and they blew our expectations! These things are GOOD! Choco Chiller is like a liquid brownie or Bailey’s Irish cream mudslide. The espresso martini is like a coffee ice cream affogato.

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BuzzBall History:
On a hot Texas afternoon in the mid-2000s, then-high school teacher Merrilee Kick was sitting by her pool grading papers when she had a hankering for an alcoholic beverage. She thought it would be cool to sip a cocktail out of a plastic container versus a fragile cocktail glass

Merrilee came up with BuzzBallz’s signature spherical shape thanks to a memento in her house—a glass votive from a recent family trip. She was at a sporting goods store when a can of tennis balls served as inspiration for a pop-top she could use.

After graduating with an MBA, Merrilee tirelessly researched the industry and took out a loan to launch her company. She enlisted her family to help get the business off the ground and now BuzzBallz are sold nationally! These pre-mixed cocktails are also sold internationally.

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