Mountain Dew has quite a reputation among sodas. PepsiCo teamed up with the Boston Beer company to create a HARD version of the iconic beverage. But they didn’t stop there. They recreated alcoholic versions of multiple mountain dew flavors, and we’re here to try out 4 sugar free hard mountain dew flavors in this variety pack.

Hard Mountain Dew is a malt beverage, with 5% alcohol by volume. It was first released in 2022, and each flavor mixes the familiar Mountain Dew taste with a fruity flavor and alcohol. They all have no caffeine, and unfortunately, no added sugar. We say “unfortunately,” because the artificial sweetener is very overpowering.

Where can you find Hard Mountain Dew? Not everyone can get Hard Mountain Dew. Right now, it’s only available in Iowa, Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Virginia, Ohio and Illinois, plus the city of Las Vegas. The company promises more states will be coming, but right now, we don’t know what those states are, or when they’ll allow Hard Mountain Dew to be sold there. If you’re wondering why it isn’t available in your state, you can probably chalk that up to alcohol distribution laws—each state has different ones, and the company has to work on its permits accordingly.

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