HOME MADE WHITE CLAW – Soda Stream Recipe [Low Calorie and Sugar]

White Claw, the popular hard flavored seltzer water, is super easy to make at home. We’ll show you how, using a soda stream. But don’t worry, you can make the claws at home even if you don’t have a soda stream at your disposal. You can make the refreshing beverage for way cheaper than buying it, and you can reduce the sugar content, making it even healthier and lower calories.

Since 2016, hard seltzer sales have been steadily increasing at a triple-digit annual rate. As of 2019, White Claw was noted the top-selling hard seltzer in the country: dominating 60 percent of the category market. White Claw’s popularity was met with a nationwide shortage; resulting in the company working towards significantly increasing supply in order to meet consumer demand. Throughout 2019, White Claw’s popularity grew as a result of the hard seltzers being circulated through viral social media videos, which included the slogan “Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws,” coined in a video by YouTube comedian Trevor Wallace which gained 4.2 million views.

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