Hudson Baby Bourbon Review – Made in New York [Not with Real Babies]

Bourbon from the FIRST legal distillery in New York since prohibition! When you take the Hudson New York Corn Whiskey and store it in a first-use charred American Oak barrel,out pops the Baby. The barrel aging process gives this spirit a light sweetness and deep amber color. This 100% corn bourbon has a bright,defined taste and a warm finish with notes of marzipan and roasted corn.

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Company: Tuthilltown
Vol: 46%
Age: NAS (possibly only a few month old)
Classification: Bourbon Whiskey
Breakdown: 100% corn

This whiskey is aged only a few months, but there’s some clever hacks that go into accelerating the aging process. First, they use small, charred barrels, which create a higher surface area to volume of bourbon ratio. This means there’s more bourbon touching wood at all times compared to large barrels. Also, it’s rumored that there’s loud dance music played to help agitate the contents to incorporate the wood characteristics faster.

This 100% Corn Whiskey is also pot distilled, in lieu of column. Combine all the elements of the process and ingredients together, and out pops a wonderful baby that is great to drink. It’s complex and very robust for being such a young bourbon.

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