POOR MAN’S SANGRIA – Pink Vodka Lemonade with Red Wine Cocktail [SUMMER COCKTAIL SERIES]

The Poor Man’s Sangria is the first Summer Cocktail in our Summer Cocktail Series! It’s a super easy cocktail featuring Pink Lemonade, Vodka, and Red Wine. This mock sangria is perfect if you’re lazy and in need of a refreshing summer cocktail. Bonus lazy points if you have leftover red wine in your fridge to use, like we did!

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– 1.5oz Vodka
– 4oz Pink Lemonade
– 2oz Red Wine [We used Spanish Grenacha]

– Mix vodka and pink lemonade in a glass with ice
– Carefully drizzle red wine on the top Let us know what summer cocktails you’d like to see featured in the comments below!

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