BEST PREMIUM VODKA – Reigncane Alaskan Vodka Review [vs Skol]

Reigncane Alaskan Vodka is the best premium vodka that I’ve ever tasted. It is super smooth and perfectly neutral in taste. I compare it side by side to Skol to compare the experience between budget and premium vodka.


Reigncane Vodka Story:

Their journey began when we found a source of water nestled on an island in Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago, in October of 2016. Fed by glacier melt and an average water fall of 166 days per year of rain, hail or snow, this water is one of the most naturally pure sources on the planet; we tested it first hand.

After finding it, though, they needed access. So, they met with the city’s board of directors to see if this was possible.

Their idea to produce the purest bottled water transformed into a better one: to produce the purest vodka.

Vodka, by definition, is 60% water and 40% alcohol. We learned that pure water provides a neutral base for crafting spirits that carry flavors through in their true form. So we began to explore and experiment. Did you know that you can make alcohol from any fruit, root or grain that contains starch? After many tests we landed on what we believe to create the best flavor profile for vodka: organic sugar cane. A subtly sweet finish and a light pillowy-mouth feel simply leaves you wanting more.

…3 years of hard work, a name change because of a potential lawsuit over our first trademark ‘RAINCANE’ and a lot of vodka later; we had done it! Reigncane was born and bottled for the first time.

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