How to Make a Vodka Sunrise – Mixology Tutorial [Cocktails 101]

Probably one of the easiest cocktails to make is the Vodka Sunrise. It’s a variation of the Tequila Sunrise (just substitute vodka for tequila). And it’s super delicious, and looks impressive to guests.

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What you’ll need:
1. Vodka
2. Orange Juice (without pulp is preferable)
3. A glass (traditionally a highball glass)
4. A spoon
5. Grenadine
6. A mixer with ice

Add a 1/3 vodka to 2/3 juice to your glass (adjust the ratio to your taste). Next, pour into the mixer with ice and shake it up! Pour back into your glass and use the spoon to slowly pour in the grenadine, so that it goes down the edge of the glass to the bottom. Garnish is optional, and typically is with an orange slice.

Bottoms up!

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