SWEET and CREAMY Coffee: Ethiopian Hambela Hassan Coffee Review [Home Roasted]

Do you think you need cream and sugar to bear with your morning cup of coffee? Well you DON’T!

Ethiopia Dry Processed Hambela Hassan is a delicious and delicate, Hambela Hassan is as sweet as it is floral, tea-like fruited notes such as peach and apricot, tangy tangerine, pink grapefruit, and English Breakfast tea in the aftertaste. City to City+.

The name we’re using for this coffee, “Hambela Hassan”, refers to both the location of the washing station where the coffee comes from, Hambela, as well as the owner, Kedir Hassan. The coffee is pulled from several neighboring villages in Ethiopia’s Guji Zone, not far from Yirga Cheffe, and mixed together by both coffee growing region, and date of delivery. Kedir Hassan is the older sibling to Esmael Hassan, who you may remember as the producer of another Guji coffee we had last year, Kayon Mountain. Like his brother, Hassan produces both wet and dry processed coffees. He’s an extremely proficient and capable engineer as well, and built the entire Hambela station in one season. You wouldn’t know this, as it’s visually apparent everything was built with high processing standards, and efficiency in mind. Of course he did not complete Hambela on his own, and thanks to his long standing connection with the the people in this area, he had much needed community support. Hambela Station sits at just over 1800 meters above sea level, and the growing areas top out at a whopping 2300 meters!

Delicious and delicate, this wet processed lot from Hambela Hassan is as sweet as it is floral, complex top notes burgeoning from the cups of light and middle roasts, and vibrant acidity helps construct a dynamic cup. The dry fragrance has perfumed florals, with a smell of peaches and cream, and a soft hint of vanilla. The wetted grounds of City roasts extend an aroma of peach, apricot, and nectarine, fruited smells with the volume of a natural process coffee, but more tea-like, and delicate in nature. City roasting is where it’s at for me, a lovely cup profile built from notes of stone fruit and citrus, and easily discernible jasmine floral accents. The hot cup has apricot and Assam tea flavors, crystal clear sweetness, and with a very low bittering coffee tone underneath. As the coffee cools down some, a tangerine note presents a tart/sweet aspect that adds structure to the cup, and a layer of raw cane juice is experienced from start to finish. Citrus acidity seems to grow as you move through the coffee, and fruited flavors shift from apricot/nectarine, to tangy orange, pink grapefruit, and more. Hambela Hassan has a clean finish, and a flavor of English Breakfast tea highlights the long aftertaste. I did try a Full City roast too, but found that smokey roast tones detracted from the complexity found a couple shades lighter.

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