BAREFOOT WINE SPRITZER [Rosé Review] – Plus When Canned Wine Actually Makes Sense

The Barefoot Rosé Wine Spritzer is definitely not a drink for anyone, but I do think it will appeal to those who are new at developing their wine palate. This wine spritzer is sweet. I mean real sweet. It’s basically a grape soda. So if that’s not your thing (not really mine), I’d pass on this one.

Purchase the Barefoot Rosé Wine Spritzer <– Click the link 🙂

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When does canned wine, or canned wine spritzers make sense? Well, if you haven’t seen our canned wine video, go watch it now. But basically, anytime it’s not convenient to be carrying around a 750ml glass bottle, canned wine might be a good call. Canned wine is really about convenience over anything else. Camping, the beach, the pool, or other activities like that are places I’d choose bringing a can over bottle. There are other pros and cons, so make sure to check out the canned wine video on our channel.

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