BEST BUDGET BRANDY UNDER 20 – E&J XO Review [Bonus: Taste of Purple Snifter Review]

The E&J XO Brandy is one of the best budget brandies on the market. At under the $20 price point, it’s hard to beat.

Purchase a Taste of Purple Brandy Snifter:

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About the Brandy:
E&J XO is a lusciously smooth brandy with a bold, complex finish. Barrel aging brings out notes of sweet vanilla, creamy toffee, brown sugar and soft maple, with a hint of toasted oak. Savor this E&J XO Brandy on its own or enjoy it in mixed drinks and simple cocktails. Since 1938, E&J Brandy has perfected its craft to bring the best brandy to market and become America’s most award-winning brandy.

About Taste of Purple Stemware:
The aerating process is often referred to as “opening up” the wine to experience its bouquet. Traditional methods of aerating wine are decanters and handheld tools. Taste of Purple glasses have a scientifically researched notch placed in the glass that allows the wine to aerate naturally as you drink and swirl – making wine aeration easy.

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