Chocolate Wine – Good Idea or Disaster In A Glass????

Chocolate Wine. Some sweeter red wines pair very well with dark chocolate. The fat of the chocolate can soften the tannins of a red wine, and a the sugar content of chocolate can lessen the sweetness of sweet red wines. But is combining the two products into a bottle a good idea?

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About ChocoVine:
“Masterblenders” selected premium quality Dutch chocolate and blended them with French Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our Impression:
We were not impressed with the aesthetic. It basically looks like chocolate milk, and the consistency is very viscous. It was super sweet on both the nose and palate. It smelled like an ice creamery. On the palate, it was very creamy with a marshmallow and chocolate milk flavor. There was ZERO detection of the cabernet sauvignon red wine in the mix. There was a slight alcohol flavor, which tasted like a basic spirit.

Based on the high (14% alcohol content) with such a high concentration of sugar and chocolate, we suspected there was additional fortification of spirits in it. It drinks as a chocolate liqueur, not a wine. It isn’t a drink we find enjoyable on its own, but we agreed it would be a good substitute for a chocolate liqueur, like Kahlua. It might be good in a milkshake or mud slide.

Have you had a chocolate wine that you’ve enjoyed?

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  1. Gaga

    So negative. I love chocolate milk. I think it would taste good.

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