HOW WINE GLASSWARE AFFECTS TASTE – Pairing Stemware Styles With Wine Varietals

The style of glassware or stemware makes a HUGE difference in how you experience and taste wine. There’s a lot of science and tradition that come together in each style and shape of wine glass that vastly changes the way our senses perceive the wine in the glass.

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The shape of wine glasses are designed to have a significant amount of air in the glass at all times. This helps the aromas concentrate. The bowl is shaped to have a lot of surface area to air, allowing the wine to breath and give off its bouquet. The glass tapers towards to the top to further concentrate the bouquet to your nose.

Beyond those basics, different wine styles and varietals benefit from different levels of those basic elements mentioned above. Big, bold, red wines benefit from a very large bowl. It helps your nose be slightly further from the wine, and also allows maximum surface area of wine to air to smooth out the taste. Lighter red wines glasses have a wider bowl, increasing the surface area even more, to draw out more of the delicate flavors. White wine glasses tend to be slightly smaller, bringing your nose closer to the wine in the glass. You’ll have to refill more often, but that ensures your white wine doesn’t warm up in your glass by being in the glass a long period of time.

Let us know what your favorite type of wine glass is for your favorite wines!

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