BEST Wine Under $20??? (2016 Riesling Review – Kungfu Girl)

We continue our search for the BEST wine under $20! This one has taken the top spot in this series, and is well under the $20 limit. This is one of the best value Rieslings that I’ve had.

You can purchase it HERE.

Charles Smith Wines – Kungfu Girl Riesling:
It takes an unconventional winemaker to make a totally unexpected dry Riesling. One night, Charles was eating Chinese takeout and watching a fight scene in a notorious martial arts film when he had an idea: a killer white wine made to be paired with Asian food. Just like that, Kung Fu Girl was born. And it’s been kicking ass and taking names ever since.

Tasting Notes:
White peach, mandarin orange and apricot are delivered with a core of minerality that makes this dry Riesling shimmer with energy and freshness. Another epic vintage of Kung Fu Girl.

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