BEST BEGINNER RED WINE UNDER $20 – Oregon Pinot Noir Review [Rascal]

Finding a solid beginner Pinot Noir red wine under $20 is not an easy task. Pinot Noir is a very difficult varietal to grow and make wine from. It’s often referred to as the “heartbreak grape.” It grows in small clusters and is very susceptible to diseases and other factors that can ruin the grapes. There are some regions that just don’t have the right weather and soil for it. Oregon is a region that is often underrated, so you can often snag great value Pinot Noirs from there. We are reviewing one of those great value Pinot Noirs, Rascal, which is sure to be a great beginner friendly red wine.

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The Great Oregon Wine Company’s Rascal Pinot Noir Description:
A true Oregon classic, this fruit-forward, medium-bodied Pinot Noir features juicy red fruit flavors against a backdrop of oak with dark cherry on the nose. Tannins are well integrated with a streak of acidity for a clean finish perfect for complementing your favorite meal tonight.

We did agree that this was a medium body Pinot Noir. Tannins, however, are light and easily accessible for beginners. Though the fruit is very prominent on the nose, we hesitate to call it “fruit forward.” It’s at least far from a “fruit bomb.” We enjoyed the nice balance of cherry, blackberry, and raspberry with more earthy notes like tobacco, leather, and mushroom.

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