Our New Favorite Wine Decanter [Taste of Purple Decanter Review]

Our new favorite wine decanter is truly set apart from the rest. Its one-of-a-kind stem design is sure to turn heads. It allows you to swirl a full 750ml bottle all at once like it’s in a wine glass.

Here’s where you can pick it up: https://tasteofpurple.com/products/decanter

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About the Cronic Cellars Red Blend we reviewed:
Pull up a hammock and catch a lucky break with Purple Paradise. He reminds you to just roll with it and never say no to a beachside getaway. Paint your paradise purple with this Zinfandel-dominated blend that rolls out with jammy blackberry fruit, cherry cola, and the loveliest whispers of mocha and lavender.

Alluringly deep and dark in color, the wine paints the perfect landscape for balanced acidity and mild tannins that floats on to a blissful finish.

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  1. Joe Sciamarelli

    Shouldn’t you have left some in the bottle and done a cross comparison!

    1. corknjava

      We weren’t doing a decanted vs non-decanted test. There’s way too many variables with that. Every wine is going to act differently

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