Why Grocery Store Wine Is Ripping You Off – The Three Tier System Explained

If you buy wine at the grocery store or at a retail store, you’re getting ripped off. There’s a 3 tier system in the alcohol industry that drives the price of wine way higher than it should, thanks to prohibition era laws and taxes.

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The three tiers are the following:
1. Production – Grape growers and wine makers
2. Distribution – Transporting the wine from tier 1 to 3
3. Retailers – Grocery stores and wine retailers that you actually buy from

Laws, regulations, and taxes are imposed at all 3 tiers, plus the need for each tier to make a profit, lead to you paying up to triple the price that the wine could cost.

Watch until the end to learn tips on loopholes to get around the system, eliminate tiers, and save some money!

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