Best St. Patrick’s Day Drink – Vinho Verde WINE!

Do something different this year for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not saying ditch Irish beer and whiskey, but how about add green wine to your list? Vinho Verde is a great, refreshing wine from northern Portugal, and will be an awesome treat for your St. Patrick’s Day party.

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Vinho Verde is the perfect wine to welcome in the spring and the summer, but it’s undoubtedly a thirst-quencher all year round. It’s paired perfectly with a lazy afternoon on the front porch. Casal Garcia is one of the most well-known bottles of Vinho Verde and it’s produced by the winery Aveleda in the most Northern part of Portugal. This area sits right beneath Spain’s Rias Baixas region is home to many bright, floral, citrusy and acidic white wines.

Casal Garcia is no different and is a blend of Portuguese and Spanish varieties known as Trajaduro and Loureiro. Both of these grapes are more well-known as the support for Albarino wine, but by themselves, they’ve a beautiful green character with tart, fresh lemon and lime notes and searing acidity. This wine gets hit with a bit of carbon dioxide to give it a pleasing fizzy character that’s perfect to serve your guests before a meal featuring light appetizers, raw fish, salad or cheeses.

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