WINE AERATOR REVIEW [Venturi] – Decanter Replacement?

This unique wine aerator oxygenates as you pour using the Venturi effect, allowing the wine to breathe and open up for a smoother more enriched flavor! Can it replace your decanter? We put it to the test and our findings may surprise you.

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Comes with a stand so you can put the wine air aerator on the it and put wine glasses on the base, then you can control the wine bottle more easily with both hands to avoid wine spilling out. It’s easy to clean, but decanters aren’t that hard to clean, either. We teach you the best way to clean your decanter in a previous post.

AWANFI Red Wine Aerator with a modern and elegant design, it is a very useful tool which can aerate your wine extremely quickly. When the wine passes through this aerator, the decanter provides the wine with the necessary air to awaken all of its aromas. Then, you can get a glass of wine with better and milder taste.

AWANFI wine aerator set has a sleek design with exquisite gift box, which makes it as a nice gift for wine lovers. It is ideal for many occasions, such as picnics, special meals, romantic evenings, birthdays, holidays, ect.

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