How to Use a Wine Decanter | Tips + Advice to Make Your Wine Better!

Decanting can simply enhance your wine experience. It seems like serving a wine should be easy enough: Just open and pour. But anyone who has ever struggled with a crumbling cork, or listened to a debate over whether the Cabernet they’re drinking needs to “breathe” more, knows that sometimes it’s not quite so simple.

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Decanting is one of those elements of wine service that remains mysterious and intimidating to many drinkers: Which wines need it? When to do it? And how? Is it really even necessary or just a bit of wine pomp and circumstance?

In this video I share advice and tips to both enjoy aged wine without that sandy sediment, and also turn your full bodied “young” wines into smoother, more delicate wines that taste way more expensive than they actually are with aeration. Decanters truly are a way to hack wine. I also warn you about the dangers of too much oxidation of wine.

Comment below with what wine you’ve decanted that opened up the flavors and aromas.

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