Wine In A Can [What You Need To Know] + Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc Review

Wine in a can???? Yep. It’s a thing. There’s some pros and cons that will help you decide whether to think about purchasing some.

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So the biggest benefit of wine in a can is convenience. Whether you’re camping, going to the beach, or sneaking a beverage into a movie theater, sometimes a full bottle will not cut it. Most cans of wine hold about a glass and a half (250ml), so it’s perfect for single servings. Another pro is easy storage (no worrying about oxidation or light affecting the wine).

The biggest drawback is the price. Where box wine can provide the best bang for your buck, wine in a can tends to be a little pricier than the same wine in the bottle. So you need to determine if price or convenience is the biggest factor in your purchase.

Beautiful inside and out, Prophecy Wines captivate the senses. On first glance, the one-of-a-kind artwork on the label beckons a closer look. Layer after intricate layer reveals hidden meanings and depth of truth. Like beauty, meaning is in the eye of the beholder. Each richly illustrated detail just begins to reflect the exquisite taste, character and complexity of the wines inside. Prophecy delivers some of the most intriguing wine styles in the world, sparking curiosity to look deeper and Discover Your Prophecy.

Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc showcases the best of New Zealand’s renowned Marlborough region. Aromas of grapefruit, lychee and lime zest lead to flavors of mandarin orange and green apple, followed by delicate notes of mineral and white tea.

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